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Tanunda Town Oom-pah 

Tanunda Town Band is  also arguably one of Australia’s premier oom-pah bands. Oom-pah is a genre of music originating from Europe, and is inextricably linked to Germany, particularly Bavaria. Heavy on the tuba, oom-pah is often associated with Volkstumlich Musik and polkas, and most notably Oktoberfest.

Drawing from the rich traditional German heritage of the Barossa Valley, the band includes players from across Australia and Europe.

During October the band can be found playing at Oktoberfest events, belting out classics such as the Beer-Barrel Polka, along with polka style arrangements of more contemporary artists such as Lady Gaga and Tom Jones – not your traditional Volksmusik performances!

Tanunda Town Band can be booked to play at your Oktoberfest, German themed, corporate or private event.  JA JA JA!!!!!

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