TTB would like to acknowledge and thank the many brass musicians and volunteers past and present for their contributions to our amazing story. Here are some of our memories from across the years.

Carl Gustav Heinrich (bottom left)
TTB 1907
Whit Friday 2017
TTB contesting
Melodienacht 2017
Backstage at Melodienacht 2014 with Jame
TTB approx 1930
TTB  Anniversary
Classics 2018 at Chateau Tanunda
TTB1974 approx
UK tour 2017
Melbourne Nationals Group Photo
Whit Friday Mossley 2017
Chateau Tanunda 2019
Chateau Tanunda 2019
Percussion Section 2019

We were recently contacted by Alan Henry who sent us a photograph of his grandfather Gus Heinrich (bottom left of the image). We would love to hear from you if you have any photos or videos of the band that you would like to share.